The 3 Rules of Freelancing

1. Don’t procrastinate, don’t put off, don’t overlook small tasks and details. Even obvious “well, duh” ideas deserve your full and undivided attention—and usually sooner rather than later. If you don’t do them, no one else will.

2. Always go the last mile. Forget the extra mile, it’s superfluous and it’s not what you were hired for. Pretend your clients/employers/prospects are on a train and you’re laying the track in front of them, taking them to a particular station for a particular reason. If you don’t lay the track all the way to the station they paid a ticket for the result will always be the same. Kill them with delivery. Take them where they want you to take them. Nowhere else. 

3. Pursue and demand supreme clarity. In conversations, meetings, emails, phone calls, text messages. As a freelancer you’re tasked with interpreting someone else’s vision for X, Y or Z and translating it into reality. Know exactly what is wanted and desired irrespective of your own opinions and thoughts. Die on this hill.