Deep Space

I've started working out of the strangest office in all the land. I still handle my own roster of clients, but one of those clients is an investment banking firm. And in that investment banking firm I work on a number of portfolio projects. Projects that run the gamut of creativity. 

The firm has set up a new office space that now houses a mix of investors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, but also myself, an illustrator, a post-production specialist, a muralist, a fashion designer and a dog named Razor. 

Yesterday I did research on a series of business blog posts, wrote five pages of tropical paradise travel copy, pitched my best off-the-top-of-my-head idea for a video commercial, and then got into a lengthy discussion on the nature of human consciousness. 

And the fridge is stocked with what has so far been an endless supply of Canadian Club. 

Early results yet, but so far so good.