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I'm a full-time professional writer and copywriter with a background in journalism and digital media.

I provide a roster of local and international clients with a range of freelance writing services, and currently work as a full-time in-house copywriter with Best Buy Canada. 

My academic background consists of a BA in Political Science and History from Simon Fraser University—where I specialized in international relations, conflict theory and contemporary political philosophy—and a certificate in New Media Journalism, also from SFU.

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Immediately following graduation I began covering the Vancouver Canucks and the NHL for the Vancouver Observer, as well as local-interest news and politics for Vancouver Weekly.

In 2013 I started my professional copywriting career, working closely with the San Francisco-based travel startup, which was selected as one of TIME's Top 50 Websites of the Year in 2014. I quickly began picking up and retaining clients from Vancouver to LA to London through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations, and haven't looked back. 

Today, I retain a small stable of select clients, delivering a range of copywriting, content writing, and social media writing services. 

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Outside of work—when I'm not writing about the best ethnic food trucks in Midtown or how to get the most of a sunny summer weekend in Paris—I can often be found debating (and saving) the future of the world (one pint at a time) at the local pub. If I'm not there, I'm probably in a pit of despair, thinking and over-obsessing about my thoroughly mismanaged fantasy hockey teams. 

If you want to light my heart on fire and win my affection for the rest of time, feed me Guinness.